540 face masks: Show off your #540Pride and purchase a 540 face mask… or two!

Registration closed: Due to reduced physical occupancy limits, we have had to close registration for new and returning cadets on 25 Sep 20. If you did not make the cut off, please join our waiting list and we will notify you if and when we able to accommodate additional members.

Recruits & Level 1

WO2 Rebecca Li
WO2 Souraish Mahesh

FSgt Emma Daigle
FSgt Jacob Dawrant
FSgt Kailyn De Zilva
FSgt Anjile Kasturi
FSgt May Lim
FSgt Matthew Janiszewski
FSgt Andrea St. Amant
FSgt Sharan Vaidyanathan
FSgt Jacky Xu

Level 2

WO2 Evan Chubb

FSgt Stefan Balta
FSgt Jacob Janiszewski
FSgt Dana Kim
FSgt Janika Lin
FSgt Oliver Potter
FSgt Eric Roche
FSgt Mariam Ruggiero
FSgt Matthew Zhang

Level 3

WO2 Sam Foster

FSgt Joshua Ainabe
FSgt Zane Almeida
FSgt Andrew Cautisanu
FSgt Aleck Covaci
FSgt Akshat Doctor
FSgt Rylan Donohoe

Level 4

WO2 Robert Shen

FSgt Edward Chen
FSgt Kevin Fan
FSgt Eric He
FSgt Aidan Roseland-Barnes

Level 5

WO1 Larissa Balcita


WO2 Desiree Francis

FSgt Sanjana Adiga
FSgt Reece Dawrant
FSgt Peter Jung
FSgt Ryan Roberts
FSgt Hailey Vallabh