Drill without Arms Team

Drill Team Staff OCdt Chander, Mr. Samayoa, Ms. Chander
Drill Team Commander WO2 Parker
Training Timings Regular practice held on Thursday. Check calendar for details.

You think you know drill? Think again.

This is Drill Team. An elite group composed of the TOP drill cadets in the squadron. You need to be driven for perfection, have insane self-control, and perfect motor skills. Even half of a split second can mean the difference between perfection and mediocrity.

So now you know, are you up for the challenge of joining Drill Team?

Drill Team 2014

Drill with Arms Team

Drill Team Staff Capt LaCombe, Mr. Samayoa
Drill Team Commander Sgt I’Anson
Training Timings Regular practice on Monday. Check calendar for details.

More details to follow.