Gliding Program

The squadron has several dates in the fall and spring where cadets are taken for glider familiarization flights. For most cadets this is their first time in a glider and after going up once they can’t wait to do it again.

Flying Scholarships

To apply for a scholarship, a cadet must by 15 years old as of Aug 31 and successfully complete Ground School.

Every year our senior cadets have the opportunity to apply for a gliding scholarship and gain admittance to the Regional Gliding School This is offered as a six-week summer training course. Due to physical limitations of the gliders, cadets must be less than 6’3″ tall and weight less than 200 lbs.

Additionally, senior cadets also have the opportunity to apply for a power flying scholarship. This is offered as a seven-week summer training course where cadets work towards their Transport Canada Private Pilot’s License.

Ground School

Ground School Instructors

CV Breithaupt, CV Taieb, WO1 Vukojevic

Training Timings

Saturdays, from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Location TBD.

Running from September through January each year, the Ground School program is provided to offer academic training to interested cadets who wish to compete for selection in the Air Cadet, Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS) or Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) Programs.

Pre-requisites: Age: 15 by August 31, and have completed Level 3 in the regular Cadet Training Program, offered Tuesday evenings.

Recommendation: Ground School students will be expected to have a copy of, “From the Ground Up” (FGU).  The current version is the 29th version.  The ISBN number for the FGU you need is: 978-0-9730036-3-5.  Be certain it is the Canadian version, NOT the American version. They are different!

Weekly assignments and final exam question material are sourced from FGU (including the exam for acceptance to the scholarship and the Ministry written exam when on the scholarship in the summer) 

Here are some possible Canadian sources:




Spectrum Airways (Burlington Airpark)  1-905-336-4010      $54.95 (and local)
5342 Bell School Line Road., Burlington, ON   

(They don’t ship. Just drive out and get one, but phone first.)


Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre   1-877-359-9932   $59.95


 VIP Pilot: 1-800-361-1696   $69.95    

Usually several in stock