Squadron Policies

Code of Conduct

All cadets are to follow the following Code of Conduct:

  1. I hereby agree to carry out my duties to the best of my ability, and to conform to these rules:
    1. I agree to respect the people around me, my environment, and the belongings of others;
    2. I agree to not purchase, sell, consume or distribute alcohol, narcotics, prohibited substances, drug-related paraphernalia, or pornographic material and to not take part in illegal gambling activities;
    3. I agree to not purchase, sell, or distribute tobacco products;
    4. I agree to not consume any prescription or non-prescription medications not specifically prescribed to me for a current health condition;
    5. I agree to not commit theft or to borrow the belongings of others without having been authorized to do so by the owner(s) of the belongings in question;
    6. I agree to not sell, barter, or steal any items belonging to the Department of National Defence or the government or a Cadet League or sponsor;
    7. I agree to conduct myself toward others following the values and direction of the Positive Social Relations for Youth programme;
    8. I agree to not fight with, shout at, or bully anyone;
    9. I agree to be loyal, honest, courageous, diligent, fair, and responsible;
    10. I agree to respect all rules and regulations and to report to my supervisors any breach of the rules of which I may be aware;
    11. I agree to conform to the approved cadet dress regulations;
    12. I agree to obey proper orders, directives, and instructions issued by persons in positions of authority; and
    13. I agree to do nothing that might endanger the immediate safety of other persons.
  2. I understand these rules apply to me when I am engaged in authorized cadet activities, in or out of uniform.
  3. I acknowledge that a breach of one or more of the aforementioned rules may result in administrative or disciplinary measures to include release from the cadet corps / squadron or training centre. I agree to obey these rules of conduct while enrolled as a
    cadet in this corps / squadron or attending a CSTC.



All members of the Squadron will adhere to the following Squadron Dress regulations;

  • All Cadets shall conform to the Air Cadet Dress Regulation, CATO 55-04, while in uniform;
  • All CIC Officers shall conform to the Canadian Forces Dress Regulation;
  • Under no circumstance shall civilian articles of clothing be worn with any part of an Air Cadet or CIC uniform; with the exception being that Cadets are permitted to wear civilian pattern winter outerwear;
  • All items of uniform are to be marked with the owner’s name;
  • All Civilian Instructors shall wear appropriate attire during Squadron training night and training activities;
  • Cadets not wearing their uniform properly or failure to meet the dress regulations, may result in remediation including the cadet being sent home.

The following is the order of dress for;

CadetsCadet InstructorsOfficersCivilians
(Winter) Regular Training NightC-2C-23C with tiesSqn Golf Shirt & Pants/Slacks
(Summer) Regular Training NightC-2BC-2A3BSqn Golf Shirt & Pants/Slacks
CO’s ParadesC-1C-13 (ribbons only)Business Attire

Each Cadet is to ensure that they are in possession of all items of uniform, and that each item fits correctly. If not, they are to contact the SupO, through the chain of command, and arrange for items to be replaced. All uniforms remain the property of the Squadron, and are to be returned when the Cadet leaves the unit.


From time to time Cadets are permitted to wear civilian clothing to Cadet activities. The following is a list of what is considered unacceptable, If there are any questions as to whether something is acceptable or not, please ask;

  • Sweatpants;
  • Fishnet stockings;
  • Shorts (except as authorized);
  • Cut off shirts or shorts (no bare midriffs or risk of exposure with normal body movement);
  • Tank tops/muscle shirts, or other top with straps (shoulders must be covered);
  • Hat (except for religious requirements or for outdoor protection)
  • Clothing that is torn, dirty, or in need of repair.


If any cadet cannot wear their uniform for any reason, they are expected to wear the following:

  • White shirt;
  • Black pants; and
  • A black tie (outside of Summer Dress periods).

This is the standard on any training night, training activity or any public appearances (i.e., parades, poppy drive, tagging etc.) unless otherwise instructed.


All members of the Squadron including; Cadets, Civilian Instructors and CIC officers shall conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner at all times.

  • Cadets and CIC officers while in uniform shall not chew gum, slouch, saunter, place hands in pockets, smoke, walk arm in arm or any similar deportment that detracts from a military bearing in the eyes of the public.
  • All Cadets, Officers and Civilian Instructors are expected to show the proper courtesies to others;
  • All Officers and Warrant Officers will be addressed by both their rank and surname; i.e. “Warrant Officer Jones”, or by Sir/Ma’am;
  • All other Cadets will be addressed by rank and surname;
  • The term “Salute” and “Saluting” as referred to in the drill manual and any other training manual means saluting with the hand. Cadets in uniform with headdress will salute all Commissioned Officers of the Canadian Forces wherever and whenever they are recognized, whether the officers are in uniform or not. When passing NCMs of a Senior Rank to themselves, CIs, or OCdts, Cadets will check their arms.


All Squadron Cadets must maintain a minimum 70% attendance rate throughout the Cadet training year. NCMs are expected to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance.

Any Cadet who is absent for three or more training nights in a row shall be SOS (Stuck off Strength) and recovery action for uniform undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the individual Cadet to inform the Squadron via the Squadron website of his/her reason(s) for being absent from a Squadron training night or compulsory training activity.

Attendance figures will be used to decide participation on certain tours, and trips, as well as eligibility for Squadron awards.

Health Cards

Cadets MUST have their Provincial Health Cards in their possession at all Cadet Training nights, activities and functions.

Failure to do so may result in the Cadet being sent home from the activity.

High School Volunteer Hours

It is the Cadets’ responsibility to record their own hours and present them in a letter detailing the event that was participated in and how many hours they are to receive.

This form should be provided by the school for the cadet to complete. It will be signed by the staff once the information is cross-checked with Squadron records.

Letter of Reference

If any Cadet wishes to have a letter of reference written by an Officer or Staff Member for school or employment purposes which represents the Squadron, please don’t hesitate to ask. The letter must be approved by the CO / DCO after verification of an acceptable attendance record by the ADMO.

The Cadet must provide the following information and details:

  • Length of time with the Squadron;
  • Summer Training completed;
  • Any other accomplishment or recognition received within or outside of the Cadet program.