Last updated: 20 Nov 2017 at 17:24hrs

Please check the 540 Sqn calendar for a detailed list of all upcoming events, locations, and timings.

Cadets that are unable to attend a mandatory activity must fill out this Absence Reporting Form.

Activity Information
Training Night

21 Nov 2017

Regular Training.  Cadets are to arrive at regular time.

Location: Blakelock High School
Timings: 18:30hrs – 21:30hrs
Dress: Full uniform, or a white shirt and black pants if you do not have a uniform
Duty Staff: Capt. Bowser, Sgt Sebestyen, Sgt Kyung, FCpl Lee, Arin, FCpl Gill

Note that registration fee will be collected.  $100.00 per cadet ($75.00 for additional sibling) Cadets are also expected to sell 1 lottery ticket book.  $60.00 per book upfront.

Oakville & Hamilton Santa Claus Parades

Sat 18 Nov 2017

540 Golden Hawks Band and Flag Party will be performing for both the Oakville Santa Claus Parade (Morning), and the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade (Afternoon).
Cadets attending must bring their filled out Warning Order.
Oakville Parade:
Location: Drop off at Reynolds St & Robinson St, Oakville, Pick up at Ecole Ste-Marie Catholic School, Oakville
Timings: 8:15hrs – 10:00hrs, board bus for Mapleview Mall at 11:00hrs
Dress: Full uniform, dress warmly!Hamilton Parade:
Location: After lunch at Mapleview Mall, cadets will be transported to Bayfront Park, Hamilton.
Timings: 15:30hrs – 17:30hrs. Cadets will be back at Blakelock High School for pick up at 18:00hrs
Dress: Full uniform, dress warmly!

Milton Santa Claus Parade

Sun 19 Nov 2017

540 Golden Hawks Band and Flag Party will be performing for the Milton Santa Claus Parade.
Cadets attending must bring their filled out Warning Order.

Location: Drop off at Scott Blvd & Main St. West, Milton. Pick up at Milton GO Station.
Timings: 12:30hrs – 14:30hrs
Dress: Full uniform, dress warmly!

Drill With Arms Team

20 Nov 2017

The Drill With Arms team with be starting to have tryouts this Monday, everyone is welcome! Sign Up

Location: Montclair Public School, 1285 Montclair Dr, Oakville
Timings: 18:30hrs – 21:30hrs
Dress: Civilian Attire, bring your cadet boots, socks and wedge.

Tagging Fundraiser

25 Nov 2017

A few cadets are needed to attend this Tagging Fundraiser on Saturday November 25. If you have not completed the required tagging sessions this is your chance to make it up.
There will be two sessions that cadets can sign up for:
First session from 11:00hrs – 14:00hrs: Sign Up
Second session from 14:00hrs – 17:00hrs: Sign Up

Timings: 11:00hrs – 14:00hrs, and 14:00hrs – 17:00hrs
Dress: Full Dress, dress warmly
Debate Team Debate Team will start up their practices on Monday October 23. If you are interested in joining the team please Sign Up.

Location: Blakelock High School, please meet in the front hall where the administration table usually is.
Timings: 19:00hrs – 21:00hrs
Dress: Civilian Attire


Annual registration and lottery ticket deposit fees

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is now accepting online credit card payments for its annual registration and lottery ticket deposit fees.

The fee is $100 per cadet ($75 for additional siblings) and a $60 deposit towards the lottery ticket fundraiser.

Online payments can be made via this form.

Online payments are handled by PayPal (no account required) and are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee.


For those with the last name that begin with A-M please arrive at 19:00hrs, for those that last name begin with N-Z please arrive at 20:00hrs.

Please check the calendar for date and venue.

Team sign ups

Please sign up online if you are interested in joining any of the following teams. Registering online does not commit you to joining the team. Practice days and times are posted on the calendar.

Reporting an absence

If you are unable to attend a Tuesday training night, please fill out the absence reporting form. This form must be completed prior to the start of training on Tuesday evening.