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Note: Please check the 540 Sqn calendar for a detailed list of all upcoming events, locations, and timings.

Activity Information
Canada’s Wonderland
30 June 2017

We must have a minimum of 45 cadets signed up for Wonderland.  Deadline is Friday June 23rd 2017. Cadets will meet at Blakelock High School and be transported to Wonderland by bus. Cost is $50.00 ($25.00 if you have a seasons pass) Dinner included.
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Training Night

We are now officially on Summer Stand Down.  We will resume cadets in the Fall.  Our welcome back BBQ will be held on Tues. Sept 5th.  More details will be on the web site in August.  We wish everyone a safe and fun summer holiday.

Algonquin Canoe Program

The following cadets have been selected to attend the Algonquin Canoe Program:

Chen G
Li R
Lin M
Liu A

Summer Training

Good luck to those of you going on summer training.  You will be contacted with travel orders as they are published.

Course Joining Instructions

Each link contains specific information and forms cadets must read and fill out for the training centre they will be at for their summer course.
Blackdown Cadet Training Centre Joining Instructions
Connaught Cadet Training Centre Joining Instructions
Trenton Cadet Training Centre Joining Instructions
Glider Pilot Scholarship Joining Instructions
Power Pilot Scholarship Joining Instructions
Staff Joining Instructions
Staff Joining Instructions Annex A, Appendix 2

Ground School Our Ground School Program will be starting up in September for our 2017-2018 training year. Cadets who are interested in getting their Glider or Power license must be 15 years of age by August 31, 2017, and have successfully completed Level 3 in order to start Ground School in September, 2017.
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More information about the program can be found at