By FCpl Cautisanu

As cadets flooded through the doors of Blakelock High school, all in their pajamas with no uniform insight, it was no ordinary night for the 540 Golden Hawks.

The Golden Hawks’ 4th Annual Talent show is the best way to end the year and a brilliant way to discover and showcase the hidden talents that the cadets of 540 have to offer! Following the yearly tradition, the talent show occurred on the last training night of the first half of the year. This gives the cadets a nice get away from their classroom lessons and their parade square drill practices, allowing them not only to socialize with their friends but also get to interact with cadets from the different levels.

Many exciting events took place during the evening! There were acts of singing, acts of dancing. The skills of playing a musical instrument were also showcased, and there were even the use of some devil sticks as a cadet preformed an amazing juggling act for the whole squadron to see!

But if you ask the cadets what they thought the highlight of that night was, you’ll probably get a couple saying it was a surprise visit from a V.I.P! Our V.I.P was sent by Oakville Pizza Pizza to greet our cadets with a warm and delicious gift! Yes, you guessed it! Santa and his reindeer delivered over 50 boxes of freshly cooked pizza for our cadets to enjoy during the intermission of the show.

As usual, the Talent show was a spectacular event where the cadets and staff, as well as some parents sitting in the back, had a great time. Can’t wait to see what next year has to offer!