By FSgt I’Anson

Introduced to our Squadron late last year was a rifle carrying flight known as the Guard Flight.

This flight paraded only a handful of times, usually at special occasions like our monthly Commanding Officer’s parades, but is planning to become a permanent flight on our parade square. The Guard Flight was created to consist of top Cadets from all levels and flights. Cadets have the ability to earn a spot in the flight by exceeding the standards with their dress, drill, deportment, and attendance.

Currently, the Guard Flight consists of Cadets from both the Drill With Arms team and the Drill Without Arms team. However, the Guard Flight is opening its arms in the coming weeks to welcome all Cadets of 540! As the commander of the Guard Flight, I believe that this flight is an amazing addition to our Squadron and a great opportunity for Cadets to get recognition for all their hard work.

I hope to someday see you in the Guard Flight!