Admin update

Cadets with outstanding administrative issues (see bottom of page) may be prevented from attending all cadet activities.

20 Feb 18 – Tuesday training

  • Dress of the day: C2
  • Level 1s have a drill test
  • Duty staff: CV Walkden
  • It is not a sports night
  • This is the last night to purchase Mess Dinner tickets

27 Feb 18 – Mess Dinner

The Mess Dinner will be on Tuesday, 27 Feb 18.

It is expected that all cadets are in attendance for the Mess Dinner. Tickets are $10.

March Break

March Break cadets have been selected. Cadets with questions about the selection process can speak to Maj LaCombe.

Cadets who have been selected for the March Break trip must bring in a photocopy of their passport and any applicable visas or documentation they require to visit the United States. These documents can be brought to either CV Chen or CV Taieb. If you are unsure about what you need to provide, please speak to Captain LaCombe, CV Chen, or CV Taieb.

Payment is collected by the SSC (first table on the right when you enter Blakelock).

If for any reason you are unable to attend the trip, please speak to Captain LaCombe ASAP.

540 Sqn Remind

Join the 540 Sqn Remind!



If it says “DHQ” your parents need to fill out a Detailed Health Questionnaire. It can be found under Medical Forms on the Joining Instructions page.

Existing cadets

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