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Weekly Routine Orders

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Announcements / Upcoming activities

A Weekly Routine Order (WRO) is posted on a weekly basis to this page with announcements and upcoming activities. Very select few items will be added directly on this page.

  • Reporting an absence: Absences are to be reported online. Note that there are different tabs for Tuesdays/non-Tuesdays.
  • Recruit Graduation: We will hold our first recruit graduation ceremony at the December CO’s Parade. Parents are invited to attend at 20:20 hrs. Note that due to staggered start dates, not all recruits graduate at the same time.
  • Summer Training: Please visit the Summer Training page for information.

Weekly team announcements will be posted on each team’s individual Google Classroom. In the event of a team practice cancellation the calendar will be the only location on the website that is updated.

Calendar overview

Refer to the full calendars for team activities.