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25 Sep 18 – First night of training

This Tuesday is our first night of training back at Blakelock High School.

Dress of the day will be:

  • New recruits: Black pants and a white shirt
  • Existing cadets: Your dress of the day is C-2B (summer dress)

Cadets are to arrive at 1830 hrs.


Marksmanship Team

Friday 21 Sep 18 is a Marksmanship Team tryout. The tryout is open to all cadets.

Please sign up above and come to St Paul’s United Church, 454 Rebecca St at 1830 hrs.

Other teams

The band, and drill teams will start up shortly. If you are interested in joining or finding out more you must provide your information in the sign up sheet above.

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Remind app

We have created a 540 Sqn Parents Remind classroom to make it easier to communicate parent-specific messages.

All parents are encouraged to sign up as this will be a primary method of communication.

Parents are welcome to enrol in the 540 Sqn Cadets classroom as well.


Cadets with outstanding administrative issues are unable to attend any cadet activities until they satisfy their outstanding requirements.

If it says “DHQ” your parents need to fill out a Detailed Health Questionnaire. It can be found under Medical Forms on the Joining Instructions page.

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