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Weekly Routine Orders

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Announcements / Upcoming activities

A Weekly Routine Order (WRO) is posted on a weekly basis to this page with announcements and upcoming activities. Very select few items will be added directly on this page.

  • Reporting an absence: Absences are to be reported online. Note that there are different tabs for Tuesdays/non-Tuesdays.
  • Summer Training: Please visit the Summer Training page for information. There have been some major changes to Summer Training for 2020 that are listed on that page.

Weekly team announcements will be posted on each team’s individual Google Classroom. In the event of a team practice cancellation the calendar will be the only location on the website that is updated.

6th annual cadet banquet & fundraiser

Our 6th annual cadet banquet & fundraiser will be on 25 Feb 2020.

Tickets are $10 for Cadets and $50 for adults. Tickets will be available for pickup starting 7 Jan 2020.

Calendar overview

Refer to the full calendars for team activities.