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  • 27 October – Gliding: Glider familiarization flights are a core part of the training program. Unfortunately it is a weather dependent activity, so there are occasions when not all cadets get an opportunity to go up. When the sign up list goes up only the first 40 cadets will be selected to attend.
  • 10/11 November – Remembrance Day Parades: There are two Remembrance Day Parades that 540 Sqn participates in. The Sunday parade happens in Downtown Bronte and the Monday parade happens in Downtown Oakville. We encourage all cadets to attend both parades, but understand that the Monday parade interferes with school. Attending one of these parades is a mandatory activity. 
  • 26 November – Parents meeting for Summer Training: Parent information meeting @ Blakelock @ 7pm. The meeting will talk about Summer Training opportunities, what to expect for both you and what your cadet needs to know.

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