Make a donation

100% of donations received are put directly back into funding the operations of the Squadron.

These funds go towards offsetting extra-curricular activities not covered by the Department of National Defence as well as our largest expense, school rentals from the Town of Oakville.

Squadron sponsorship

Current conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have now extended over a year. This means most of our normal fundraising initiatives have been cancelled, which has created a large gap in our annual operating funds.

Your support will help us meet the steep operating costs to fund cadet activities and provide opportunities for these dedicated and driven youth.

Sponsorship package: English | Chinese

Getting involved

It takes a lot of hands to run a Squadron our size and the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is always looking for extra parent volunteers to help out, whether on a regular basis as a member of the Committee, or just on a casual, ad-hoc basis.

Speak to a member of the SSC for more information.

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If you have any questions, please email Michelle, the Vice-Chair of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee at [email protected].