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Air Cadet League

Air Cadet League of Canada

Who are they

The Air Cadet League of Canada is a civilian, non-profit, community-based and volunteer-led organization that in collaboration with the Department of National Defence and other partners, is dedicated to supporting the objectives of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program.

What do they provide

  • National-level counterpart to the OPC
  • Several post-secondary scholarships that cadets may apply for


Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC)

Who are they

The Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) is sanctioned by the National League to administer and support the Air Cadet Program across Ontario.

What do they provide

  • Fund and support glider familiarization flights for Air Cadets in Ontario
  • Coordinate applications and merit-ranking process of cadets applying for national-level summer courses (e.g. Glider and Power Pilot Scholarships)
  • Conduct a province-wide Air Cadet lottery (the lottery ticket books sold by our cadets)