Marching Band

Striving for musical excellence, the 540 squadron brass and reed marching band provides an opportunity for dedicated cadets of any training level to gather and achieve greater standards of music and drill through shared interests in music and performance. The overall impact to 540 Sqn is far reaching through the band’s key role in representing the squadron and supporting the community by performing in parades, competitions, and concerts.

Cadets interested in joining the band are required to have prior musical experience in the instrument of their choice.


Drill Team

You think you know drill? Think again.

This is Drill Team. An elite group composed of the TOP drill cadets in the squadron. You need to be driven for perfection, have insane self-control, and perfect motor skills. Even half of a split second can mean the difference between perfection and mediocrity.

So now you know, are you up for the challenge of joining Drill Team?

Marksmanship Team

The air rifle marksmanship team is a very competitive team to be a part of due to its popularity. 50+ cadets usually try out at the start of the year with only the top 15 making the cut. The team practices all year long in preparation for the Zone Shoot held in early Spring.

Everyone is welcome to try out. We have had some incredible raw talent even with first year cadets.


Debate Team

Cadets compete in teams of 3 in a province-wide, parliamentary-style debate. They are assessed on their ability to vocalize and present persuasive arguments in front of a panel of judges.

Effective Speaking

Cadets compete for the honour of representing 540 Sqn at the provincial public speaking competition. Cadets perform a prepared and impromptu speech in front of a panel of judges.


There are regular sports nights all year long where cadets play basketball, volleyball, and European handball. Although there is a competition team that is sent to represent 540 Sqn at sports competitions, all cadets are welcome to attend and enjoy sports nights.