Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The Royal Canadian Air Cadet program is a unique partnership between the Department of National Defence (DND), a division of the Canadian Forces, and the Air Cadet League of Canada. This partnership can be found at all levels of the program: at the national level, the provincial level and, most importantly, at the community / squadron level.

At the community level, 540 Sqn is sponsored by a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC), a non-profit society of parent volunteers that support the Commanding Officer in running the squadron. The SSC handles the finances for the squadron and facilitates the operation of squadron activities and programs that are not fully funded by DND, such as venue rentals, transportation, and the Music Program. Additionally, the SSC provides the squadron with parent volunteers when extra hands are required, and helps organize events such as the Annual Ceremonial Review at the end of each training year. The SSC also assists with communication in the squadron by sponsoring this website.

SSC executive and members

Executive members

Committee members

  • Terence Boldt & Michelle Edwards-Boldt, Tagging Coordinator
    [email protected]
  • Glen Michie, Lottery Ticket Coordinator
  • Regine Semira, Event Planner
    [email protected]
  • Romina Dasig, Kit Shop
  • Gabriela Covaci
  • Dawn Modestino

How can parents help?

The SSC depends on the support of parents willing to lend a few hours a month and would encourage you to join us. Meetings are held monthly and all parents are welcome to attend.

Parents are also encouraged to get involved in the squadron – Volunteers are always appreciated. Note that some volunteer positions may require the parent to first be “screened” as a security precaution – most parents appreciate knowing the cadet organization is very concerned for the security and safety of the cadets.

The SSC is looking to set up a number of sub-committees to handle various tasks relating to running the squadron (e.g. assisting with Tag Days). These sub-committees would be staffed by parents and would meet regularly to discuss their tasks. If you are interested in providing your support, let us know.

The squadron assists in raising funds through the following activities:

Tag Days: Twice a year the SSC runs a “Tag Day” weekend. These are a mandatory activity for the cadets and serves as our primary fundraiser.

Lottery: The Air Cadet League sponsors a lottery raffle every Spring for valuable cash prizes and a new car. The funds raised from this sweepstakes go directly towards the costs of operating the 60+ aircraft fleet used for cadet glider training. All cadet squadrons participate in ticket sales and as incentive they receive back a portion of the funds they raise.

Bottle Drive: Once a year the SSC runs a Bottle Drive campaign where we solicit families and restaurants to donate their empties to the squadron. The funds raised by recycling the bottles at The Beer Store go directly towards supporting 540 Sqn.

We are looking to start a new fundraising sub-committee which will be tasked with finding new and creative ways of approaching local government, businesses and service groups for financial assistance. Parents are encouraged to meet with SSC members and bring to their attention any opportunities that they may know about in their workplace.

Parent involved events

Squadron BBQ

Held at Cadet HQ, 170 Kerr Street, on the first training night in September, the Squadron BBQ is an opportunity for the SSC to welcome the staff and parents to another training year. The SSC provides the Hot Dogs and Drinks, and asks that parents bring a side dish or dessert.