540 face masks: Show off your #540Pride and purchase a 540 face mask… or two!

Registration closed: Due to reduced physical occupancy limits, we have had to close registration for new and returning cadets on 25 Sep 20. If you did not make the cut off, please join our waiting list and we will notify you if and when we able to accommodate additional members.


As per the CO's latest COVID-19 Update, 540 Squadron is not planning for any in-person training activities for the remainder of the fall period.
Uniform measurements can be submitted online.

This form is to be used for either providing measurements for a set of FTUs (Field Training Uniform, aka "green combats"), or specific parts of the DEU (Dress Environmental Uniform, aka "blues").

If ordering replacement DEU parts, please specify additional details about what you're missing / what is the wrong size in the notes section.


The list below the calendar is an excerpt of key upcoming events. All of those events, and more, are detailed on the calendar.

Upcoming events


Level 5 PD

10, 17 Oct 20 Staff Cadets

The purpose of this Level 5 PD series is to allow our entire training staff team to familiarize themselves with COVID-19 procedures as well as conduct training sessions to help enable our Staff Cadets prepare for this training year.

A Warning Order has been issued to all Staff Cadets which contains details and options depending on whether we get our approval for in-person training or have to conduct this PD training virtually.

First Night of Virtual Training

Week of 12 & 19 Oct All Cadets

Virtual Training will be conducted based on Level.